Pride in Performance


All throughout 6th grade and junior high band, I looked up to these kids in the years above me, as the coolest, most talented people in the world. And when I got to high school, I got to march right next to them. They opened up my vision of the things we could achieve as a band, and of what I could become as an individual. These people I met didn’t just become the people I looked up to in band, but in every aspect of my life. In every other activity I joined once school started, I had a band kid that I looked up to to show me the way.

Emma Fonseca
MHS / Band Member

You will love your time spent with this family and will learn so many life lessons along your way. I have enjoyed being able to work alongside other hard working members of the band working towards the same common goals.  Achieving these milestones gives you a sense of great accomplishment. The lifelong friends you will make will significantly impact your life.

Aspen Bruns
MHS / Color Guard Member

When I moved to Morton, everyone pushes you to be the best that you can be in the ensembles. We want to go out and succeed together as a group. That is something I have enjoyed most since moving to Morton! Everyone works together to push each other to be the best that we can be TOGETHER! 

Ben Smith
MHS / Band Member

I am eternally grateful to Morton Bands for everything this group has given me. It’s shaped me into the motivated, disciplined, strong leader I have always wanted to be. This, to me, is the most important part of the program. The personal growth that is experienced by every single member, whether they’re looking for growth or not. Pride in Performance is more than just a slogan or phrase, it’s a powerful way to grow and shape yourself into who you want to be.


Cadence Hornsby
MHS / Band Member

My favorite memories in band start on my first day when I was nervous coming into the group as a freshman but instantly saw how caring and supportive the staff was and knew that I had found a home for the next four years. Taking that first step out onto Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis also showed me how lucky I was to be a part of such a great organization that prides themselve on providing the best expereince possible to all of its members. 

Thomas Vastine
MHS / Band Member

Being in HS, it’s really special to look back on all the years so far and I can clearly see the growth in myself as a musician and a person as well as my fellow band mates, it’s really cool to see that we’ve grown together as a group sooo much and there’s still more growth to come, I really enjoy getting to grow alongside my closest friends and making memories I know I’ll never forget! I personally feel that one of the best moments for me is at the ending of a performance of the show or concert inside and the band hits its final chord and you look out at the audience and smile and it feels like all those hours of practicing and dedication paid off! The adrenaline rush and the feeling of things all coming together is amazing.

Sammantha Barnhill
MHS / Band Member

My son is a sophomore in the Morton High School Marching Band, and he has been in the band program since 6th grade. He also serves on the leadership team. He plays high school sports as well, but band is his home base. It is where he feels most comfortable being himself. Band is where his best friends are. The band culture at Morton is like nothing I've ever seen. It provides an environment that has high expectations and pushes the kids to better themselves - both on and off the field - yet at the same time, the kids are accepted right where they are. If someone is falling behind, they rush to lift him or her up. The band is truly a family. There is something special about going to band competitions and witnessing the cheering and camaraderie that takes place amongst the competing bands - not the trash talking and back biting you might see at other competitive events.

Andrea White
Band Parent

As parents, we remembered all of the fun that we had as members of our high

school marching bands. So, when it was time for our child to make the band

decision, we strongly encouraged it. Turned out that it was the right decision!

Band has been the central foundation for our child’s growth from Jr. High through

High School. It is where friends are, fun is, music is, and challenge. Band has

allowed our son to have so many growth experiences personally with music -

symphonic band, jazz band, and marching band - and as a person with leadership

training, taking on leadership positions, and gaining close relationships with peers

and staff. Band will be what he remembers about high school and will provide

him with talents that he will be able to use throughout the rest of his life.

As a parent there is nothing better than watching these events and cheering the

marching band on. MOR - TON!

Dana Bischoff
Band Parent

I own A Balanced Life here in Morton and it is an integrative medical clinic that help people optimize their body with weight loss, hormones and other balance that is needed. I chose to be a sponsor for the Morton HS band because of the amazing opportunity it has given to my daughter. Morton focuses on pride in performance which is important for these students to learn at an early age. Working hard and being proud of your work is necessary for everything in life. I LOVE how respectful and all in these kids are. It develops a great work ethic as well as leadership skills that are key in life.

Beth Hayes
A Balanced Life / Band Parent/Sponsor